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World Cancer Day seminar endorses Ozone Therapy intervention alongside mainstream Oncology Treatment..


• It enhances the efficacy and reduces the side-effects of chemotherapy and radiation
• Hypoxia or lack of oxygen in cancer cell, is a major cause of cancer & it can be treated with Ozone Therapy

Mumbai, Feb 4th, On the occasion of World Cancer Day, doctors re-enforced that cancer can be treatable with larger integrated approach. Dr Arvind Kulkarni, Radiologist, Oncologist shared his thoughts on how integration is required in oncology and Ozone Therapy as an adjuvant treatment has a larger role towards the treatment. According to him, the 3 Ps model – Psychology, Physiology and Physical well-being are most important in Cancer care. Dr Mili Shah, President, Ozone Forum of India and Trustee, Bisleri Charitable Trust mentioned how hypoxia – lack of oxygen, is the major cause of cancer growth and till now Ozone therapy has been used as adjuvant therapy across all types of cancer as Breast Carcinoma, Liver Carcinoma, Bronchogenic Carcinoma, Ovarian Carcinoma, Cancer Liver and Colon Carcinoma. It is an effective and safe adjuvant therapy however it doesn’t replace the Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy but enhances the efficacy and decreases the side-effects of Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy. It can however be used alone if other lines of treatment is ineffective or gives major side-effects.
Dr Arvind Kulkarni, Sr Onco radiologist, Advisory Board of Integrated Tumour Clinic in Mumbai and Pune and is also Head of Scientific Research at Integrated Ayurved Centre at Wagholi. He is author of ‘War against Cancer’, having practiced in US. He also lays down various elements to consider while treatment of cancer beyond the more popular and immediate methods as radiation or chemotherapy.
According to Dr Arvind Kulkarni, “Cancer is like an internal rebellion caused by some of our own body cells. And by violating natural laws of health, we might be responsible for it. With re-orientation of mental attitude, lifestyle and nutrition, we may able to overcome it. There are many similarities between origin, promotion and spread of cancer. In addition to surgery, radiation and chemotherapy, we may have to look at the root causes. Hypoxia can be taken care of by Ozone therapy using very active molecules of oxygen. And that can react quickly with the body, and in the radiation.”
Dr Mili Shah, President, Ozone Forum of India and Trustee, Bisleri Charitable Trust shared, “Hypoxia is a major cause of cancer that needs to be corrected within the cells. Apart from hypoxia, oxidative stress, gut flora, immune deficit, chronic inflammation, infection and autonomic nervous system are multi-factoral reasons which induce cancer disorder. Ozone Therapy works very well in bringing back the oxygen metabolism, activates the antioxidant capacity of the biological system also working extremely well in tissue hypoxia reduction and reduces oxidative stress thus improving the overall well-being, appetite & energy.“
Ozone Therapy is given through Rectal Insufflations, Ear Insufflation Vaginal Insufflations, Major Auto-Haemotherapy, Minor Auto – Haemotherapy, Intra-tumour Injections and Ozonized Saline which improved overall well-being, appetite, mental fatigue, and patients became much better and most importantly recurrence of the condition reduces.
Cancer Treatment Protocol includes –
• Eliminating wastes, regeneration of the liver, reactivate the immune system and restore enzyme, mineral & hormone system
• Enhance the body’s ability to eliminate toxic residues accumulated from environment, chemotherapy and other sources
• Ozone therapy
• Nutritional support
• Alkaline Diet
Ozone Forum of India, an initiative supported by Bisleri Charitable Trust is a pioneering platform created for the practitioners of Ozone Therapy in India. It reaches out to the medical practitioners by sharing clinical experience and knowledge, ensuring common procedural practices and best quality methods for patient wellness and research on newer techniques for quick and efficient redressal of disease symptoms. Ozone Therapy has been prevalent since long and Bisleri has taken up this cause of spreading awareness amongst doctors and having trained over 2400 doctors and treated over 50,000 patients with this beneficial and impactful cost effective treatment across tuberculosis, cancer, skin treatments, diabetic foot and more. More details on

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