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Sharekhan launches New App InvesTiger – To simplify retail investing by offering curated stock baskets…


Mumbai: Sharekhan, one of the pioneers of online trading in India, has introduced a new app, InvesTiger that offers a wide range of stock baskets to retail investors. 

It is common knowledge that investing in good quality companies in a disciplined manner can help investors create wealth over a period of time. However, it is easier said than done. It requires ability to identify right spaces/sectors, actively track stocks bought and take timely action whenever required.  

The ease-to-use InvesTiger app offers a comprehensive solution to retail investors now. It aims to significantly enhance the investing experience by leveraging on in-house research knowledge base and following a disciplined investment approach.

Gaurav Dua, SVP, Head – Capital Market Strategy at Sharekhan, explains, “Many investors are able to effectively use our research inputs to manage their investments. However, over the years, we realized that many investors are either not able to spent time to regularly read through our research updates/sector update/strategy note etc or some of the investors are new to the markets and lack the required understanding of research & principles of investing. But we have seen that investing in a stock basket and following a structured and discipline method makes investing a better experience for retail investors.”

The 3 problems that the InvesTiger app is designed to make effortless are:

Identifying the right stocks from the right sectors

Invest Tiger app has solid handpicked stock baskets which are derived from Sharekhan’s in-house research base 

Regularly tracking the stocks purchased 

You can sit back and relax as there is active tracking of each stock basket by Sharekhan’s expert investment team

Taking timely action on the stocks basis stock market conditions

One gets instant stock basket buy/sell alerts via app notifications and sms along with detailed rationale

Execution within the app is via a simple 2-step order placement

Investors can start investing in a stock basket with as low as Rs50,000. Also, it is a customer centric mobile app that offers quality investment solutions with just brokerage charges and no other cost of conditions like no lock-in period, no profit sharing, no management fee etc.

The app contains stock baskets, each of which is built with a particular objective and goal. These baskets are created with a well-balanced mix of high-quality companies, put together to reflect an investment strategy, theme or idea with underlying stocks. There are two categories of stock baskets offered:

Premier Stock Baskets: The category offers diversified basket of high-quality companies with proven track record of consistent returns. Initially, the InvesTiger app would offers three baskets under premier category: Star Portfolio, Power Portfolio and Top Picks stock basekt.

Thematic Stock Basket: This category of stock baskets has an emphasis on capitalizing on select themes or macro trends. Initially, the category will ha e three offerings: Prime MNC Picks, Economic Upcycle Picks and Export Picks basket.

Jaideep Arora, CEO, (Sharekhan by BNP Paribas) said, “With InvesTiger, Sharkehan’s philosophy of “innovate to make markets work for customers” comes alive in a simple and easy-to-use investing app. The mobile app revolution in our country has provided companies with an opportunity to help customers build the right behaviors and our endeavor with the InvesTiger App is to help retail customers effortlessly-adopt the disciplined approach required for creating wealth in the long term via capital markets. All one needs is a Sharekhan Demat account to get started with InvesTiger.”

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