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MSRvantage launches smart contracts based customer loyalty solutions for retail brands…


Pune: By reshaping rewards and customer loyalty programmes with the use of latest technology, MSRvantage empowers retail brands to achieve better business prospects and adapt to the shifting demands of the growing market. As a result, expenses are minimized, brand loyalty is increased, and intelligent collaboration for trustworthy business agreements is made possible.

Businesses are leading the digital transformation in today’s environment. The demand for effective solutions has increased along with the development of effective technologies. In order to accelerate digitalization across all of their company promotion strategies and create an efficient loyalty programme for customers and influencers, they discover the necessity to construct a reliable technical foundation.With top-notch loyalty solutions that entice customers and strengthen value propositions with intelligent automation, this offering from MSRvantage will assist brands in maintaining their client loyalty. By directly rewarding the retailers themselves, it aids retail businesses in digitising their trade promotion strategies and decreasing their dependency on middlemen. With the help of MSRvantage’s blockchain-based rewards and loyalty solution, the company can assess performance more clearly. Additionally, analytical tools and dashboards assist the business in closely observing, evaluating, and estimating the success of both the present and new schemes.

“It is critical for companies to strategically invest in cutting-edge technology like blockchain as customer-focused business strategies become the norm.” said Mr. Balaji Kandregula, Vice President, MSRvantage. He emphasised how consumers acclimated to a variety of new technologies fast during the past year, whetting their hunger for change. This also applies to loyalty programmes and how they need to be updated to accommodate members’ openness to novel ideas, particularly younger members searching for innovative ways to interact with programmes online. With the aid of MSRvantage’s blockchain solutions, brands can be more creative in luring customers to their incentive and loyalty programmes and ultimately to their physical locations.








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