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Pune: Geeta, Pune organized its annual Laksharchana event on Tuesday, February 6, 2024. Devotees, as in previous years, enthusiastically participated in this spiritual gathering. Laksharchana is a collective devotional activity where individuals come together to chant the divine names of the Almighty, the all-powerful Parameshwar. This spiritual practice is known for bringing profound spiritual benefits to those involved. A part of the celebrations were also held in Guru Ashram kul , Pimpri a branch of Geeta Ashram Khadki .

Founded in 1998 by some close followers of Guruji Shri Padmanabhan Krishnadasa , the Geeta Ashram, Pune is dedicated to spiritual activities. The ashram, situated in Khadki, Pune, upholds the selfless principle of “Nar Seva, Narayan Seva” (Service to Humanity is Service to God). The Laksharchana event, marked by the chanting of sacred mantras, is a deeply spiritual occasion designed to provide spiritual benefits to all participants.

The ashram, adorned with beautiful floral decorations and rangolis, commenced the Laksharchana ceremony at 7:30 AM. After the chanting of sacred mantras, all present devotees were served prasadam. Devotees had the privilege of receiving the special blessings of Guruji Shri Padmanabhan Krishnadasaji after the puja.

The various activities conducted by Geeta Ashram, such as bhajans, spiritual discourses, diverse puja ceremonies, yoga/pranayama classes, Sanskrit teachings, and spiritual guidance on astrology, are all offered free of charge. The ashram serves as a center for spiritual knowledge and provides access to the spiritual literature authored by Guruji.






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