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Dabang Delhi Kabaddi Players Stand with Manipal Hospital Dwarka to Raise Awareness Around Cancer…


New Delhi: In observance of World Cancer Day, players from the Dabang Delhi Kabaddi club have collaborated with doctors from Manipal Hospital, Dwarka, to promote awareness around cancer prevention. The event featured a panel discussion between Dabang Delhi Kabaddi players and the oncology team, highlighting the significance of early diagnosis, timely treatment, and adopting a healthy lifestyle. Over 150 people from local Resident Welfare Associations (RWAs), school children, and cancer survivors attended the event.

Following the discussions, the kabaddi players visited the chemotherapy ward to share smiles and boost the strength of patients in their fight against cancer. This was followed by a friendly tug-of-war competition organized for the hospital staff, with each team led by kabaddi players Balasaheb Jadhav, Akash Prasher, Himmat Antil, and Felix Li.

Addressing the event, Viji Varghese, Hospital Director, HCMCT Manipal Hospitals said “February is a special month when people come together to show support towards cancer patients and highlight the need for awareness and understanding. Our goal goes beyond just providing medical care we give patients hope, strength, and the belief that we can overcome cancer together. Through events like these, we aim to grow a culture of health, wellness, and community engagement, making a difference in the lives of individuals affected by cancer. With advanced treatment, compressive care and strong support, we help them in the fight against cancer, bringing hope during tough times and creating a path towards better days ahead.”

Emphasizing the importance of cancer awareness Dr. Durgatosh Pandey, HOD and Consultant Onco Science, Manipal Hospital, Dwarka said, “Cancer is a critical disease that requires a multidisciplinary approach for effective management. Early diagnosis is crucial as it increases the chances of successful treatment and improves the overall prognosis. Regular health checks, a healthy lifestyle, and timely treatment are essential to combat cancer. We must also focus on mental health and provide emotional support to cancer patients and their families.”

The event was a strong symbol of strength and perseverance, providing a unique chance for the community to come together and raise awareness around cancer along with emphasizing on the importance of a healthy and fit lifestyle. Manipal Hospital, Dwarka offers comprehensive cancer diagnosis and treatment. The oncology team has highly experienced specialists such as oncologists, nurses, and other highly qualified personnel who are equipped with cutting-edge surgical, medicinal, and radiation facilities for advanced patient care.

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