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Goons calling shots in Maharashtra, they are gaining confidence, says Sanjay Raut…


Pune: Shiv Sena MP Sanjay Raut today said while goons are calling the shots in Maharashtra, the Prime Minister and Home Minister Amit Shah were not taking the rulers in the state to task.

“Goons are are holding meetings and posing for photographs the rulers in Maharashtra. They are daily gaining confidence. Abhishek Ghosalkar who was our party leader was shot dead by Morris Noronha in Mumbai. Goonda Raj is calling the shots in the land of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. The rulers are encouraging the goons to have free run,” said Raut in his weekly column, Rokthok.

Raut said Prime Minister Modi and Home Minister Shah virtually dumped Eknath Shinde and Ajit Pawar on Maharashtra. ” The business of corruption, kidnapping, ransom is having a field day in Maharashtra. At the same time, the rulers are allowing key industrial units to be taken away to Gujarat, thereby affecting the livelihood of Maharashtrians,” he said.

The Shiv Sena MP said contractors and engineers in Maharashtra are voicing resentment against the atmosphere that is prevailing and are seeking police protection from goons. ”The contractors and engineers have written letters to Chief Minister and two Deputy Chief Ministers and have demanded that they be provided protection from criminals,” he said.

Raut said fake complaints are filed against contractors and they are being threatened to pay up or face action. ”Such illegal tactics have affected the development works have been affected.The contractors are complaining that office-bearers for the three-party regime in Maharashtra are threatening them with false complaints and extracting money from them. Who is responsible for the state of affairs in Maharashtra,” he asked.

Raut said Prime Minister Modi had accused Ajit Pawar of Rs 70,000 crore irrigation sam. ”The same Ajit Pawar is today the finance minister of the state…The word corruption has taken a backseat during the current regime,” he said.

Raut said,”The BJP MLA has openly accused Chief Minster Eknath Shinde of running a goonda raj in Maharashtra. BJP leaders and ministers have refused to respond ti his allegations. This is because the Shinde-sponsored goondaism in Maharashtra has the blessings of the Prime Minister and the Home Minister.”

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