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Solapur’s (of Mangalwedha) Ms. Pratima Vitthal Jadhav left for America! A Girl’s Brave Journey to Learn Agricultural Technology Higher Education!



Pune: Solapur’s (of Mangalwedha) Ms. Pratima Vitthal Jadhav left for America! A Girl’s Brave Journey to Learn Agricultural Technology Higher Education.

Hailing from a small village in Maharashtra, Pratima Jadhav recently flew to America. A young woman named Pratima Jadhav from Mohammedabad (Mangalvedha) has recently left for America. Pratima has moved to Roadview Dairy Holsteins Farm, Wisconsin for her Agricultural Technology Higher Education under the University’s International Agricultural Experience Program “Communicating for Agriculture”. She has worked hard for this for many years and after many failures she has fulfilled her dream.

Pratima comes from a small farming family. From childhood she was interested in the field of agriculture and wanted to do something new in this field. She studied at the University of Agriculture and then applied for higher education in agricultural technology in the United States under the Communicating for Agriculture Institute. After many setbacks, she succeeded and her visa was approved after a lot of hard work. Her journey had to overcome many obstacles. Despite many failures, she did not give up, remained determined and finally succeeded in getting a visa for America. She has proved her mettle as the saying goes that a grain of sand is worth the oil. Pratima is a very strong willed and brave girl. She has achieved this success due to her strong desire to learn and determination.

Pratima aspires to bring new technology and knowledge from America to India. She wants to help farmers in her village and country to increase their productivity.

Pratima is a very inspiring young woman. She has proved with her hard work and determination that nothing is impossible in the world. She is a great role model for other youngsters and will inspire them to pursue their dreams. She is a very powerful, bold and talented girl and is always eager to learn. Image will inspire others from your life. Her story teaches us that nothing is impossible in this world if we really want something and work hard for it.

Her family and the people of the village are excited about Pratima’s success.

For many years, he dreamed of going to America to work in the agricultural sector. Despite many obstacles and failures, he worked hard without giving up and finally fulfilled his dream.

Pratima intends to bring modern agricultural technology from America to India. He managed to get a visa from the US Embassy in Hyderabad. Powerful, bold and talented images are always eager and happy to learn. He has inspired many people with his perseverance and hard work.

“If you want something and really work hard for it, if you have the guts to do it, nothing is impossible in this world,” believes Pratima. His success will definitely be an inspiration for other youngsters.

Village and family members are expressing happiness for Pratima’s success. Good luck in their future endeavors!

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