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Congress warns power-brokers, Gopaldada Tiwari reminds them of Rajiv Gandhi’s words

Image Courtesy – Arth Parkash

Pune: THE Maharashtra Congress has said the late former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi had given the clarion call to save the Congress party from power-brokers which assumes significance in the current times when the BJP is going all-out in promoting its import business.

”The late Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi had a vision for 21st century. He brought in computers and digital era in the country. And in view of today’s current political scenario, his vision holds importance as it was he who had given the clarion call to keep Congress away from power-brokers…During the Congress’ centenary celebrations in 1985, Rajiv Gandhi had warned against power-brokers,” said Gopaldada Tiwari, who is the founder-president of the Rajiv Gandhi Smarak Samiti and State Congress spokesperson.

Mr Tiwari said the Congress national presidents had always posed faith in several leaders and given them important posts. ”They were from time to time given important assignments at state and talula-level. Congress has always worked towards Mahatma Gandhi’s goal of a welfare state. During Congress regime, national wealth increased manifold and the per capita income also shot up,” he said.

Mr Tiwari said during Modi regime, the country is fighting on all fronts. ”Today, the nation is battling one problem too many. Inflation has sky-rocketed, inflation has jumped, unemployment has hit the youngsters hard, farmers are in tears and ending their lives..The problems have arisen because of the wrong policies of the Modi government,” he said.

Mr Tiwari said at a time when there was need to save the country from the current crisis, some leaders are comprising with their ideologies and are going on the wrong path. ”Those who swore by the Congress ideology of secularism and taking every community together are joining hands with a party which is stoking communal fire.The BJP, the Prime Minister and the Home Minister accused the Congress leaders of corruption. And the same leaders are now shamelessly joining hands with the BJP. They are turning out to be selfish and opportunistic leaders. This is nothing but the biggest tragedy of the country,” he said.

Mr Tiwari said the country needs leaders who can protect is constitution, save its democracy and keep its secularism and communal harmony in tact. ”However, what we are witnessing is a flight of leaders who are burying their ideologies and for selfish gains leaving the party. Those who are joining the flock of dictatorship are taking the path of power-brokers,” he said.


Mr Tiwari said the Congress made the country number one in agriculture and scientific field after Independence. ”Be it computer, digital, education or missile field, the country made rapid progress during Congress regime after the freedom. The Congress’ contribution for country’s development had authenticity and factual success, but today brazen and blantant lies are paraded in the name of development,” he said.

Mr Tiwari said those changing loyalties are power-brokers of the highest kind. ”Instead of fighting the wrong policies and actions of Modi government, if anyone is joining hands with the same regime for personal gains, then they are power-brokers of the highest kind. The then Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi had often spoken about the need to save the party from such power-brokers. And today, the time has come to do just that,” he said.

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