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Multi-crore drugs entering India but Modi Sarkar caught napping, says Congress leader Gopaldada Tiwari

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CONDEMNING the situation vis-a-vis confiscation of huge quantity of drugs in Pune, the Maharashtra Congress said Modi Sarkar will have to do lot of explanation as to where these drugs worth multi-crore are come from and entering Pune.

”The Modi Government is in power for 10 years. And the Pune police is busy confiscating huge quantity of drugs. The BJP-led Modi Government cannot escape the responsibility. It has clearly failed to put the drug mafia in place. The drug mafia is really calling the shots in Pune,” said Gopaldada Tiwari, spokesperson for Maharashtra Congress in a release.

Gopaldada Tiwari demanded that the State Home Minister should disclose the facts about the seizure of drugs and their claim of their disposal a few months back at Adani’s Mundra port. ”They should provide the concrete proof about the disposal of the drugs seized in Gujarat,” he said.

The Congress said the crime has galloped like never before in India. ”What has not happened in last 70 years is happening now.The crime rate in India has gone up by miles, drugs are freely available, youngsters are getting trapped in this menace and unemployment is surging. But what is the Modi Government doing ? The Government needs to explain to the people of India as to what is it up to ? Does it really care for the people of this country, especially the youngsters who are tomorrow’s hope ?…The increasing drug menace is a stronger pointer to the way in which the young generation is being pushed towards.,” Mr.GopaldadaTiwari said.

Gopaldada Tiwari said the drugs are widely coming from across the border and from other countries but the Union Government and the Union Home Ministry have been caught on the wrong foot. ”The entire country wants to know what action is the government takin. But what is our Union Home Ministry doing ? Is it fast asleep ? Can’t it stop the menace in its tracks ?,” he said.

Tiwari said Modi Government has failed to tackle the drug menace and Pune and Maharashtra police are finding themselves under pressure. ”The police are not able to concentrate on emergency duties. All their time is consumed by the drugs and drugs mafia whom they are chasing,” he said.

Gopaldada said Pune was known as the cultural capital of India . ”Now Pune and Maharashtra are becoming drug centres of India.

Gopaldada further said the then Sassoon dean Sanjeev Thakur still has not been arrested in the case relating to the escape of a drug mafia Lalit Patil. ”In big cities, hookah parlours and PUBG menace are growing. There is a need to take strong measures to control the situation before it goes out of hand. The government needs to act tough,” he said.

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