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Bombay High Court directs Pune police to review Pune’s ‘bad’ traffic situation


Pune: IN a big breather for citizens of Pune hassled by chaotic traffic, the Bombay High Court issued directives to the Pune Police Commissioner to conduct a review of the traffic conditions in different parts of Pune and submit a report it to.

The high court directives to Pune Police Commissioner came on petition filed by five citizens of Pune who pointed out the poor traffic management by Pune police.

The high court said the petitioners pointed at various traffic problems including the road rage issue.. The road rage issue, said civic activists, has indeed become very serious in Pune. It involves two-wheeler riders and light and heavy vehicle drivers are attacking each other even if their vehicles had a slight brush.

The Bombay High Court order, which has drawn praise from several civic conscious citizens, said the court intends to set up a committee of experts to study the measures taken by the Pune police to management to traffic situation.

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