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CARS24 Pledges to Increase Female Representation in its Workforce by 50% in 2024


Gurugram – To make International Women’s Day 2024 even more memorable, CARS24, India’s leading Autotech player, has today announced a groundbreaking initiative aimed at fostering gender equality within its organisation and beyond. Acknowledging the glaring underrepresentation of women in the traditionally male-dominated automotive sector, CARS24 commits to a significant improvement in internal diversity by targeting a 50% increase in current female representation across its workforce.

At present, women and LGBTQ individuals constitute less than 20% of CARS24’s employee base. This pattern is similar across the automotive industry. To bridge this gap and cultivate a more diverse and inclusive environment, the company is implementing targeted strategies designed to empower all employees to realise their full potential. In addition to initiatives at its corporate headquarters, CARS24 is actively recruiting and training women for frontline roles as well. Currently, CARS24 has openings for various roles including customer experience, operations, marketing, product, front line staff etc.

Recognizing the pivotal role women play in driving innovation and organisational success, CARS24 pledges to invest in their empowerment through a multifaceted approach. This includes the development of tailored training programs, opportunities for upskilling, and the establishment of dedicated mentorship initiatives.

Vikram Chopra, Co-Founder & CEO of CARS24, underscores the strategic importance of diversity: Diversity isn’t just about reflecting the world around us, it’s also about shaping the world to come. We envision a future built on the power of inclusivity, where every individual feels empowered to contribute their unique perspective and push the boundaries of innovation. Our journey starts with our employees – the architects of this future. By championing diversity, we’re not just fostering a dynamic work environment, we’re taking an important step towards creating a more equitable future. A future where every voice is heard, and every talent has the opportunity to flourish.”

Going beyond internal initiatives, CARS24 seeks to catalyse change across the entire automotive landscape. Presently, women represent only 1 in 5 dealership employees and a mere 7% of the repair and maintenance workforce. By championing gender diversity, CARS24 aims to lead by example, setting a new standard for inclusivity and equality in the industry.

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