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Sunny Pandey leverages Online Learning for Enhanced Career Growth


Pune:Sunny Pandey’s story reflects the aspirations of millions of individuals aiming for career advancement, regardless of their educational background. It emphasises the importance of perseverance and continuous learning in achieving long term success.

Sunny was always an ambitious student with big dreams. He started his professional career in 2017, post his undergraduate an d was earning approximately Rs.3.5 LPA. Once he developed a decent skill set, he quit his job and became a freelancer in the capital market, hoping to earn a higher income. In 2020, he got an opportunity at Accenture and joined as a Senior Business Analyst for a Rs .7 LPA package.

During his time at Accenture, Sunny would get regular calls from recruiters for jobs with a Business Analyst profile. However, the lack of a proper qualification prevented him from taking advantage of the opportunities that knocked at his door almost every day. He realised that there was a high demand for Business Analysts in the industry and if was to grow in his career, he would have to gain the skills required of a Business Analyst.

The turning point came when he decided to pursue the Global MBA program from Deakin University with the help of upGrad. He had started his new job only a few months ago and did not want to quit his job to pursue higher education. With the help of upGrad, he was able to take up his masters while working simultaneously. MBA boosted Sunny’s determination and enhanced his skill set. . The teaching went beyond theory with practical examples of how data can be used to solve business problems and make strategic decisions. Furthermore, upGrad was able to assist him in preparing for interviews, which added to his confidence.

It was no surprise that by the end of his MBA, Sunny was able to crack the role of Associate Business Manager at HCL with an impressive 120% salary hike.

Sunny pursued his MBA with upGrad during his tenure at Accenture. He did not have to leave the security of his job to pursue higher education. This highlights the advantage of online skilling courses which give individuals an opportunity to pursue continuous improvement even amidst a busy professional life. All you need is a passion to learn more and a commitment to continuous improvement a press release stated.

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