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Check your July Horoscope

Horoscope for the month July 2021 Kritikka Mathurr, Astrologer,Numerologist & Vastu Consultant   Aries Domestic issues may be a cause of mental stress to you. Social life will be very active. Guests may come over too. Mother’s health need to be kept under check. Meditation will be helpful. Drive carefully …

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Look what is in store for you in July

By : Kritikaa MaathurAstrologer, NumerologistVastu Consultant AriesCheck on Relations !Ariens, Relationship with teachers have to be under check. Emotional changes are expected with bosses. Pay attention to father’s health and well being as that can take a toll this month. Fights with sibling are expected. Some old friends can come …

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Your Horoscope for April 2020

By : Kritikaa Maathur Astrologer, Numerologist Vastu Consultant Aries Hold on ! Ariens, Your energy and confidence are going to be on and off this month. Jupiter , Saturn and Mars conjunction in your 10th house will make you struggle at your workplace. exalted sun on your head beaming will …

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