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Rahul guns down Sitharaman’s buckwas budget..

Rahul Gandhi on Budget to ANI: The main issue facing is unemployment. I didn’t see any strategic idea that would help our youth get jobs. I saw tactical stuff but no central idea. It describes govt well, lot of repetition,rambling-it is mindset of govt, all talk, but nothing happening.

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Our exact poll: BJP-NDA 230-260, UPA 175-200

By Amika Limbu AFTER the exit polls result on Sunday, the handsome hunk Rahul Gandhi must have spent sleepless night. But Rahulbaba, as BJP president Amit Shah calls him, should not worry much. Not all exit polls in past 20 years have accurately predicted the outcome. We are calling this our exact poll, …

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Will PM Modi apologise to Rajiv Gandhi’s family ?

By Amika Image Courtesy- Instagram WILL Prime Minister Narendra Modi apologise to Rajiv Gandhi’s family for making what retired naval officers say “false allegations” against the former prime minister who is dead and in India’s rich culture and tradition, we don’t defame the dead. Or do we ???At an election …

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Rahul, Kejriwal put arms around each other

By Amika Limbu Finally, the  Congress which has been looking down the barrel in Delhi has something to cheer as  Arvind Kejriwal led AAP has joined hands with it. The Congress has been resisting a parntership with Kejriwal’s party. Why ?Because Kejrial had launched verbal assault against Congress, especially Sheila Dixit. …

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Congress leader makes wild attack on PM

Kalaburgi, March 18: CONGRESS leaders refuse to budge from making all sorts of wild remarks and allegations against our Prime Minister Narendra Modi.  In another such case, a legislator from Karnataka was caught on camera making derogatory statements the Prime Minister by calling him impotent“Marriages happen with impotent people, but …

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